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Leadership scholar portfolio


IC News Staff Writer

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This semester, in my role with the Office of College Communications as a writer on the student news team, I took on new leadership responsibilities. I've been working with this team since my very first semester at IC, and now I'm one of the people on the staff who has been there the longest. My boss asked me to take on some leadership responsibilities, like working directly with newer writers to support them and their work, as well as being a resource for the group as a whole. This was an exciting challenge for me, as the majority of my leadership involvement at IC so far has been in student-run organizations rather than professional environments. I had to learn how those expectations and boundaries differ from what I'm used to, and while I think I definitely came on a little strong in the beginning, by the end of the semester I felt like I had found the right balance of enthusiastic but still professional. As I head into my senior year, I think it was a really good opportunity to begin to learn to differentiate leadership in a workplace from leadership in a campus community, and figure out how to transfer and apply the leadership skills I've learned at IC to a different setting.

Ithaca College DIII Women's Crew

This semester, one of the biggest changes to my life on-campus was my participation on the Ithaca College DIII Women's Crew Team. I joined the team as a complete novice just looking for something fun to do to get me out of my dorm on days filled with online classes, and I didn't expect to completely fall in love with it the way I have! Through the team, I've learned to better manage my time, communicate and collaborate on a team, and stick with something even when it gets challenging. I'm so glad I made the decision to join, and I'm looking forward to continuing to participate for the rest of my time at IC! 

leadership developMENT

My overall goal for the Leadership Scholar program this year is tied to my leadership development. I'm working to earn my Leading in a Diverse World Certificate, and the two events that I attended that were the apart of the Sexual Violence Awareness Month series allowed me to reach that goal. I'm very excited to have completed this certification series and excited to take on another one next year!

Sexual Violence Awareness Month Events

This semester, I chose to attend two SLI events that were put on as a part of the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee's Sexual Violence Awareness Month Events,


The main SLI that I attended was titled Bringing in the Bystander, and it centered around pro-social bystander intervention and learning how and when to intervene in a problematic situation. We went through a series of different scenarios that could very realistically take place on a college campus and discussed if/how we would intervene in each one. This session really got me thinking about how I would respond in very nuanced situations, like talking to a student who appears to be extremely exhausted and burnt out, or supporting a friend whose partner's behavior seems like it could be abusive. I'm really grateful to have attended this session and developed some of these skills, as I feel it's extremely important for a leader to not only be willing to step up in a situation but to know how to do so effectively. In my role as an RA, we work on a lot of bystander intervention training and it was a great experience to be able to delve deeper into these conversations.

The Gift of Gab

Copy of Notes for The Gift of Gab_ The A

This SLI was centered around public speaking, a topic that has long been a stressor for me! It was a really fun and interactive way to learn the principles of good public speaking and practice how to be a little more confident when presenting to a group. We were able to pair up in breakout rooms and do some extemporaneous public speaking, and by the end of the session, I felt more confident in my ability to speak in front of a group. I learned about how to keep an audience engaged and connect with them, no matter how big the group is. Participants got to take notes on public speaking tips, and I plan to refer back to them before I give talks or presentations. I think that confident public speaking is an important skill for a leader to have, and I look forward to continuing to develop mine, 

Community service

Partnership to End Addiction

This was my second semester working with the Partnership to End Addiciton, a non-profit that provides support to the loved ones of people with substance use disorder. In this role, which I've held for about a year, I've work to edit and publish videos for a training initiative for employees who work directly with parents who are worried about their child's substance use. This semester, I was able to expand the volunteer role to create an instructional guide on creating the training videos that can be used to teach other employees on how to make them. I was previously the only person working on the videos for this project, so this can increase the organization's output. This volunteer work means a lot to me because I get to see the skills I learn in class used in real life in a way that positively impacts an organization, and therefore their clients.

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