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FALL 2021
Leadership scholar portfolio


IC Public Relations Student Society of America

This semester marked my first official executive board position at IC! As Director of Promotions for the IC Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), I'm responsible for the social media and marketing efforts to promote club events and activities. his is my first e-board role in my time at IC, and I was a little bit nervous going into our first few meetings, but in the months I've been in this role, I've become more confident in myself as a leader and developed important new skills. One of the key lessons I've learned is how to lead on a team. Previously, a lot of the leadership work I've done has been solo - taking point on a group project or running a club meeting. Now, on the e-board of PRSSA, there are seven people who are all strong leaders with strong opinions. I've had a lot of good practice being able to respectfully come to solutions and compromises, which is a skill I think will serve me well in the future.

My goal this semester was to take ownership of one project or event through my new role on the e-board and be proud of the work I did. In November, we hosted our annual Student Internship Panel, and I ran the outreach and promotion of that event. I contacted panelists, created an Engage event, developed a social media campaign that featured each panelist and promoted the event, and shared live content on Instagram as the panel took place. The event was a success, bringing in dozens of attendees and boosting our social media engagement. I was really proud of the work I did to help put the event together, and I look forward to doing further event work next semester with PRSSA's Swish for Make-a-Wish fundraiser event. 

Community service

My goal this semester was to do an in-person community service project in the local community! Much of my community service experience through the Leadership Scholar program thus far has taken place over Covid-19, so I was working virtually with non-profits and organizations and doing digital work. While I loved this, I wanted to take the opportunity to get involved with a local organization.

Family and Children's Services of Ithaca

Family & Children's Service of Ithaca is a non-profit that brings mental health and social support services to people in the Ithaca area. I volunteered at their annual Cardboard Boat Race in September, a fundraiser that engages the community and raises money to fund their programming. I volunteered at the event and assisted in transporting, launching, and disposing of the cardboard boats, I attended this event along with other members of the IC Women's Crew Team. We spend countless hours over the semester rowing on Cayuga Lake, and this was an opportunity to spend time at the lake giving back to the Ithaca community. It was a really fun experience to bond as a team and support an incredible local organization.

leadership developMENT

My goal for the year is to complete the Leading @ IC SLI track, a 6-session certificate course to develop skills to support me me in success in my new IC PRSSA e-board position. My first SLI of the semester, Student Org 101: Problem Solving as a Leadership Tool, was a really great place to start in achieving that goal. I'm excited to take more Leading @ IC SLI sessions in the spring semester.​

Student Org 101: Problem Solving as a Leadership Tool

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 1.35.04 AM.png

The first SLI I attended this semester was Student Org 101: Problem Solving as a Leadership Tool. This was a Leading @ IC SLI where we worked through all of the obstacles that could come up when planning an event for a student org. We went over the steps to problem-solving, and working towards solutions that leaders can implement in a group setting. As a new e-board member with two events coming up, I found this SLI to be extremely relevant and helpful. I consider problem-solving to be one of my biggest strengths, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with other student leaders and hear their unique approaches and perspectives on problem-solving.

Sensing & iNtuition: The Second Dichotomy of MBTI


In this session, we analyzed the second dichotomy of the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicators — Sensing versus Intuition. I've long been a fan of learning about MBTI types and learning how people with different personality types can interact with the world in ways that emphasize their strengths.  However, I had never had a great understanding of the Sensing vs Intuition scale. I learned a lot about the spectrum and how it measures how people prefer to learn and take in information. The biggest thing I learned in this session is that I had a misconception of my own behavior preference! Every time I've taken an MBTI test, it's told me I lean towards Intuition. However, after learning more about the characteristics of each type, I came to the conclusion that I'm much more of a Senser. I prefer to focus on execution and logistics, and I'm good at paying attention to the tiniest details and being pragmatic.  

LGBTQ & Youth Homelessness

T attended an SLI called LGBTQ & Youth Homelessness. I hope to learn about how I can help people in the LGBTQ community, especially LGBTQ youth, who are experiencing homelessness. This is a really important topic and one that I definitely don't know enough about. Far too often, I don't realize the privileges I've been granted in my own life, and a personal goal for myself in the future is to do more work that supports people with less fortunate circumstances.

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